Why I need t o go forward?
Why I can’t let you go?
Why I’m still lost?
Why I’m still suffering from heartbreak?
Why I can’t have everything?
Why I can’t accept the fact that I already lost you?
Why I can’t move on from you?
These questions still running from my mind every time I remember you.

How to remove a virus that create shortcut in your Flash drive

How to remove a virus that create shortcut in your Flash drive

  • Go to start menu and then in the search bar type cmd or command prompt.
  • Right click and click run as administrator the cmd application.
  • In the cmd screen, type in your USB’s letter and hit Enter. To determine the drive’s letter, open “My Computer” and identify the letter listed next to the removable drive.
  • Type del *.lnk and hit Enter
  • Type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s.d/l/ and then hit Enter
  • Open your flash drive. All of your files should return to normal.

Microsoft Garage Mouse without Border Tool

Microsoft Garage Mouse withourt Border a tool that can control 4 computers using single mouse and keyboard. You can copy and drag files from one machine to other.

Tip: To use manage the functionality of this tool you need to setup a small network or create a small netwrok for the machine that you want to installed the said software.

Download Link: